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Colorful Evil Eye Phone Case

Colorful Evil Eye Phone Case

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Custom made with the iPhone model of your desire!✨


Add a pop of color and positivity to your fashion style with this hand-painted phone case featuring multiple colorful evil eyes. Each color of evil eye has a unique meaning but all share the common purpose of bringing good fortune and protecting against negative energies.


-Evil Eye color meaning -

Light Blue = Opportunity

pink = love

Red = Strength

Green = Success

Orange = Creativity

Purple  = spirituality


All our products are great quality, shockproof acrylic cases for better protection of your phone, and better grip, painted by hand using acrylic paint and sealed with resin to completely protect the paint.


Protects your phone and your screen while displaying beauty.


This iPhone case will take 5 days to be shipped due to the process of painting and sealing the paint! Note that this is a hand painted item there for every case will be unique due to minor differences.


Original and unique phone case painted by Hyelsha  Razee!

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