About our art gallery

Experience the true essence of art at a conscious art store managed by two talented sisters Hyelsha Razee and Ashley Razee. Two artists who pour their hearts and souls into every artistic creation for the world to enjoy.

Artzee Pintura was created By Hyelsha Razee Vera an artistic sole who perceives colors in a deeper way. A bold visionary who is detail oriented when it comes to every hand crafted accessory that arrives to your hands. Hyelsha’s creative and artistic mind is what helped her create our art gallery ( Artzee Pintura ) name. By binding the last letters of her last name Razee to what this company is all about, Art! That beautiful human expression of emotions that touches every one of us in a different but significant manner. To honor the family’s last name and artistic gifts Ashley Razee Vera decided to join her sister at Artzee Pintura, by creating complex hand painted items that would be up to her sister's flawless standards. An unpredictable and intriguing individual who surprises us with every hand painted creation. Two sisters who collaborate in providing you with an extended art gallery full of distinguishable, stunning, and highly detailed art pieces for you to express yourself in a bold and artistic way.

We hope you enjoy our showcase and may every art piece trigger a meaningful emotion in you, to serve as a reminder of the beauty and power of human expression through art.